Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm New Around Here

I usually write about bad sportswriting at Bottom of the Barrel. I have other interests outside of just sports and didn't feel that site was the appropriate place to write/talk/whine/navel-gaze about my other interests. So that's why this blog is here. I enjoy writing and this is the spot where I will write about things that aren't sports-related. I have no idea or plan on what I will write here, though that will hopefully make it more fun. It's also hard to do an introduction without making it seem like a Match.com listing where I am trying to sell myself to you so you will eventually love me. It's always awkward in that way. There is a group of people who know my writing that are reading this (I'm trying to draw in all 7 readers of BotB) and possibly a group of people who don't know my writing that are reading this. It's like having a party where you invite your college friends and your work friends who have nothing in common other than knowing you, just without all the standing around, alcohol and small talk.

So the semi-plan I have for this blog is to make it more personal, but it isn't going to be me simply working out my psychological issues or writing about how super-delicious the dinner I cooked last night was (though there is nothing wrong with that, I just assume you don't care to hear about how fucking awesome Sun-Chips are). I call it "A Little Bit of Everything" because that's my goal to talk about a little bit of everything, plus I am uncreative when it comes to titles. Bottom of the Barrel will always be my first priority, but I have this need to comment on life, movies, music and anything else that comes to my mind. I feel the need to separate the two blogs because it's not fair to have someone come to a sports blog expecting to hear about how Bill Simmons has a massive ego and get a 1000 word review of Supertramp's Greatest Hits and why "Take the Long Way Home," is a metaphor for the journey we take in life. I won't be doing that exact post here necessarily, but it's fun to give two extreme examples.

So expect a fair amount of deconstruction on a variety of topics and I hope it to be more entertaining than navel-gazing, though I can't promise there won't be some of that, coated in humor of course. The more I describe what I want to write here, the dumber it sounds. Probably better to stop while I am behind. Hope you enjoy and I am already planning my first "real" post here soon.


  1. Looking forward to your non sports posts too, ben!

  2. FJ, thanks. I already have the first one written. Gotta edit it, but it's pretty off the wall. At least I think so.