Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'll Do Better

I tend to write in spurts and this becomes more obvious once I started this blog that I don't write on every single day. So far in the past few months I've posted two items on one day and now I've posted a post I started a month ago and haven't had time to complete. I will post it at some point with more of an introduction, I promise (or threaten for those that may hate-read what I write). I started the story and then didn't end up finishing it. I haven't posted like I want to here of late and I'll do better or will try to do better. It's been almost a year since I started this more personal blog and I've done almost none of the things I wanted to do with it. So whereas on BotB I pretty much have done everything I wanted on that blog, I've done nothing I wanted to on this blog. I'm a person of extremes I guess.

So the bottom line is I will do better and try to achieve the goals I set out to achieve in writing in this spot, while also not neglecting BotB. In the meantime, to tide everyone here are two (not one, but two!) pictures of a mongoose fighting a snake, then one picture of two mongoose (mongeese? mongeeses?) celebrating their close shave with a snake. I'm sure this will make your day much better.

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